What is Mandala

What does Mandala means?

Mandala is basically a Sanskrit work derived from “ MANDAL” which means universe and it symbolizes center. It is basically configuration of geometric patterns. It hold a great symbolism in Hinduism and Buddhist culture. Mandala holds different aspects in different culture and considered as a powerful source of meditation and symbol of prayers in China, Tibet, Japan and Nepal.

The basic form of mandala is circle drawn within square and arranged into different organized sections with a single central point.  Apart from their vibrant appearance, mandala holds symbolic and meditative meaning.

Mandala History and Symbolism

In Asian culture, Mandala is referenced as spiritual and ritual symbol. Externally it is a visual representation of universe and internally reflects various traditions of Asian culture. In Hinduism and Buddhism, there is belief that by entering in mandala towards it centric part means you are guided through cosmic process of transforming the universe from suffering to joy and happiness. It takes to you the ride of happiness; you are far away from your sorrows.

Mandala being in circular form considered having magical power as been no beginning or start. Mandala is often used as an object to focus or for meditation. Western people use this as a free form which reflects more of inner and unconscious self.

How to use Mandala in Meditation?

Every person is different and so there are numerous designs in mandala. The purpose though of all is same that it helps in meditation and relaxation. The main part in mandala is its centric part where focus is required. You can choose any pattern in mandala based on your liking. The purpose here is to release your stress and to come in a zone of joy. Allow yourself to float with the beauty of mandala, let your thoughts come out while meditating. It will not only give you relaxation but also you will feel much lighted and happy.

Coloring the Mandalas –

Every color has its own potential and energy associated with. Coloring of mandala is like a remedy to cure depression. It is a healing tool associated with releasing stress, anxiety and fight with depression. It helps to improve your immune system. Below are some colors with their meaning. You can choose whichever color you like.



 Red Strength, more energy and passion
Pink Love, femininity and intuition
Orange Creativity, self-awareness, intuition & transformation
Yellow Wisdom, learning, laughter and happiness
 Green Physical healing , psychic ability, nature and caring
 Blue Emotional healing, inner peace and meditation
 Purple All things spiritual, for spiritual focus
Black Deep thinking, mystery and individuality


A mandala represents WHOLENESS. It also symbolizes that life is never ending. There are various types of mandala being defined both artistically and spiritually, below are 3 important ones listed:

  • Healing Mandala – Such mandalas are made for meditation and are intended to deliver wisdom, evoke feelings of calm. Their main purpose is to channel focus and concentration.
  • Teaching Mandala – Such Mandalas are more of symbolic. Each shape, line, and color of design represents a different aspect of a philosophical or religious system.
  • Sand Mandala – Such mandalas are made from colored sand which define the property of non-existing of humans for indefinite time, It defines humans are not immortal.
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